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I wanna feel it, might pop into a department store and have a feel.

Have fun 👍

Do you ever feel like you have a dull life?


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I only come out at night 🌙 (part two)

There are bamboo sheets? That's pretty cool, there is so little I know about bedding, but yeah I'm going to definitely check them out. And your right, feeling like a king/queen on your own bed is a must.,can't beat clean body and clean bedding

I like a well-dressed bed.

Google is your friend.
A very informative friend.

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Also, trying to cut down on my cholesterol level 😊

Good luck with that.

Nosferatu (1922)

Nosferatu (1922)

Ah, I was all out of that today!

That’s unfortunate.

Cool, what do you feel like having? I just had some bagel and avocado.

The blood of a dozen virgins.

What are you upto?

On the prowl for some breakfast.

Random question, what's makes Egyptian cotton sheets amazing? I have never felt them or laid on them, just wondering why they are so popular. Is it worth me getting some?

I recommend you do a little research via Google.

The quality of Egyptian cotton sheets is much higher than most (if not all) other sheet options. However, admittedly, I think bamboo sheets are also quite high quality and very pleasurable.

The higher the thread count the better.

At the end of the day, it’s all just personal preference.

Who doesn’t want to feel like f***ing royalty whilst crawling into bed, slipping into a slumber or getting a little physical?

Hi, how are you?

I’m fantastic.

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I only come out at night 🌙

09 / 21 / 14 

I only come out at night 🌙